Important News, 3/29/2023: The Van Cortlandt Cooperative Federal Credit Union Annual Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom on Monday, April 17, 2023 at (Click here for more Info)

Fee Schedule

as of January, 2021


Account Card Replacement (ATM, Debit, VISA) 1x  $15.00, (2x $30), (3x $50)
Club Account Early Withdrawal Fee  $10.00
Deposit Checks Returned Unpaid $30.00 each
Monthly Service Fee (per account number) $5.00
NON-VCCFCU ATM/Debit Transactions  $2.50 per transaction
Negative Balance Fee $30.00, addtl. $5.00 a day after 3rd bus.day until acct is in good standing.
NSF - Uncollected Funds  $25.00
Overdraft Share Loan Protection $5.00 plus interest earned until balance is paid off
Overdraft Share Transfer fee (EFT, ACH, Check NSF) $25.00 per check
Personalized Check Order  Per Catalog
Photocopy of Check/Deposit/Withdrawal  $3.00 each
Returned EFT/ACH/Check (NSF)  $30.00 each
Stop Payment EFT/ACH or Official Check $25.00 (signed affidavit required)
Stop Payment Member Share Draft (single or range) $25.00
Temporary Replacement Checks (4) order FREE with personalized check


Member Loan Application Fee$25.00 Reimbursable at loan disbursal.
Member Loan Late Fee  $30.00
HELOC Loan Application FeeAs Quoted
HELOC Loan Late Fee $50.00
Line of Credit Application Fee$25.00
Line of Credit Late Fee$30.00
Mortgage Loan Application FeeAs Quoted
Mortgage Loan Late Fee$ % of Principal & Interest
Visa Credit Card Late Fee$30.00
Visa Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fee1%


Cashiers Check  $7.00 per check
Corporate Checks (all info required for addressee)$7.00 per check
Money Orders- up to $1000  $3.00 each
Private Line - Telephone BankingFREE
US Postal Stamps (Book of 20)Postal Rate

Virtual Branch – Home Banking & Bill Pay                           FREE

Non-Sufficient funds for Online Bill Payment$ 7.00 each
Online Bill Payment Investigation$30.00 each
Online Bill Payment Copy of Check$30.00 each
Online Bill Payment Stop Payment$50.00 each

Wire Transfer

Incoming Wire TransfersFREE
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers$35.00
Outgoing International Wire Transfers $65.00


Abandoned Property Remittance Fee$ 100.00
Account Closing Below Minimum BalanceBalance
Account Closure Fee 
$ 25.00 / Account - If closed within 6 months of opening
Account Balancing/Research Fee $ 50.00 per hour
Account History Print out$ 3.00
Account Statement Copies$ 5.00 each
Bond Coupon RedemptionFREE
Expedited Shipping (plastic card replacement)$ 50.00
Legal Document Processing Fee (levies, subpoenas, etc)$ 100.00 per levy
Letters for Immigration, Food Stamps, etc (per letter)FREE
Incorrect Address Fee$ 7.00 per month until address is corrected
Inactive/Dormant  Account Fee$ 7.00 per month until account is activate
IRA transfer to another institution$ 25.00
Notary Public (Members Only)$ 2.00 Per Signature
Photocopy Charge (per item)$5.00
Tax Form Copies (1099s, 5498s, etc)$5.00