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Fee Schedule

as of January, 2021


Account Card Replacement (ATM, Debit, VISA) 1x  $15.00, (2x $30), (3x $50)
Club Account Early Withdrawal Fee  $10.00
Deposit Checks Returned Unpaid $30.00 each
Monthly Service Fee (per account number) $5.00
NON-VCCFCU ATM/Debit Transactions  $2.50 per transaction
Negative Balance Fee $30.00, addtl. $5.00 a day after 3rd bus.day until acct is in good standing.
NSF - Uncollected Funds  $25.00
Overdraft Share Loan Protection $5.00 plus interest earned until balance is paid off
Overdraft Share Transfer fee (EFT, ACH, Check NSF) $25.00 per check
Personalized Check Order  Per Catalog
Photocopy of Check/Deposit/Withdrawal  $3.00 each
Returned EFT/ACH/Check (NSF)  $30.00 each
Stop Payment EFT/ACH or Official Check $25.00 (signed affidavit required)
Stop Payment Member Share Draft (single or range) $25.00
Temporary Replacement Checks (4) order FREE with personalized check


Member Loan Application Fee$25.00 Reimbursable at loan disbursal.
Member Loan Late Fee  $30.00
HELOC Loan Application FeeAs Quoted
HELOC Loan Late Fee $50.00
Line of Credit Application Fee$25.00
Line of Credit Late Fee$30.00
Mortgage Loan Application FeeAs Quoted
Mortgage Loan Late Fee$ % of Principal & Interest
Visa Credit Card Late Fee$30.00
Visa Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fee1%


Cashiers Check  $7.00 per check
Corporate Checks (all info required for addressee)$7.00 per check
Money Orders- up to $1000  $3.00 each
Private Line - Telephone BankingFREE
US Postal Stamps (Book of 20)Postal Rate

Virtual Branch – Home Banking & Bill Pay                           FREE

Non-Sufficient funds for Online Bill Payment$ 7.00 each
Online Bill Payment Investigation$30.00 each
Online Bill Payment Copy of Check$30.00 each
Online Bill Payment Stop Payment$50.00 each

Wire Transfer

Incoming Wire TransfersFREE
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers$35.00
Outgoing International Wire Transfers $65.00


Abandoned Property Remittance Fee$ 100.00
Account Closing Below Minimum BalanceBalance
Account Closure Fee 
$ 25.00 / Account - If closed within 6 months of opening
Account Balancing/Research Fee $ 50.00 per hour
Account History Print out$ 3.00
Account Statement Copies$ 5.00 each
Bond Coupon RedemptionFREE
Expedited Shipping (plastic card replacement)$ 50.00
Legal Document Processing Fee (levies, subpoenas, etc)$ 100.00 per levy
Letters for Immigration, Food Stamps, etc (per letter)FREE
Incorrect Address Fee$ 7.00 per month until address is corrected
Inactive/Dormant  Account Fee$ 7.00 per month until account is activate
IRA transfer to another institution$ 25.00
Notary Public (Members Only)$ 2.00 Per Signature
Photocopy Charge (per item)$5.00
Tax Form Copies (1099s, 5498s, etc)$5.00