Important news, 6/21/2021:  The Board added an additional waiver to the monthly service fee. As of July 1, 2021, the $5 monthly service fee will be waived for the following accounts: More Info

Home Banking

Home Banking® allows you to review account balances and history, transfer funds, review and change scheduled transfers, view transfer history, and make loan payments.

The Account Summary feature provides a list of your accounts including account number, type of account, current balance, and available balance. When you select an account from the list of accounts, you are presented with the Account Detail screen. This includes current balances, available balances, rate information, next payment date and payment amount on loans, and other useful information. This screen also includes up to the minute transaction history for each account. Each transaction is displayed with the post date, amount, type of transaction, and balance.

The Account Transfer feature offers three types of transfers:

  • Immediate – A transfer is attempted immediately. You are notified if the transfer is successful, similar to an ATM transaction. The money is actually moved based on the same schedule as transactions performed at an ATM.
  • One-time – A transfer is made on a date you specify.
  • Automatic – A transfer occurs as often and as many times as you specify.

Transfers that are set up for future dates are called “scheduled” transfers. These transfers may be either one-time or automatic. The first transfer date may be no more that 18 months in the future. Scheduled transfers are processed on the scheduled date. Transfers scheduled for non-business dates (such as January 1 or weekends) are processed on the next business day for one-time transfers and on the previous business day for automatic transfers.

The Scheduled Transfers feature allows you to review one-time or automatic transfers or cancel a transfer before it occurs. You can also change information depending on the type of scheduled transfer:

  • One-time transfer : You can change the amount and date of the transfer.
  • Automatic transfer : You can change the amount, next transfer date, number of transfers, and transfer frequency. The changes will affect all future transfers.

If you want to change the FROM or TO account, you must cancel the transfer and set it up correctly. An immediate transfer takes place the instant you confirm it, so it cannot be modified or canceled afterward.

The Transfer History feature provides the details, including the status of transfers you’ve made. You have several ways in which to select which transfer(s) you want to review. If you do not specify any criteria, you get all available transfer history. If you specify:

  • Account number : You will receive all transfers for that account.
  • Transfer dates : You receive transfers from the start date to the end date.
  • Transfer amount : You receive all transfers within plus or minus $10 of the specified amount.

If you want to direct the search to a more restricted list of past transfers, you may specify a combination of transfer details.

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