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Home Banking

A Quick Tour
Introducing A refreshingly simple way to quickly manage your accounts in real-time. Whether you’re at your desk on the couch or on the go. Select the Accounts tab to glance over your balances, view recent transactions, check your credit score and preview upcoming transfers. Plus you can open new accounts and perform a variety of other convenient tasks. Transfers is where you control the movement of money. You can quickly create new transfers including transfers that occur on a regular basis. On the right, you’ll find links for requesting both incoming and outgoing ACH transfers. And below you’ll find a list of your scheduled transfers where you can review the transfer details, make changes or if it’s no longer useful, delete it. Pay Bills opens a new window… to offer powerful tools for managing your payments. Whether you’re paying a company or a person.  In the upper right, you’ll find your Message Center along with Secure Chat to help you get quick answers to your questions. Mobile is where you manage your mobile devices in order to use our mobile banking app. And Settings is where you manage your profile information, Security and Alerts, Accounts, and Mobile devices. And finally Log Off is where you securely end your session. It’s a refreshingly simple way to manage your accounts in real-time.

Accounts is like your dashboard offering an at-a-glance snap-shot of your current activity. Including balances, recent transactions, and upcoming transfers. Your accounts are grouped by categories such as Favorites, Checking and Savings. Expanding a group displays its accounts. And selecting an account opens the account to display its details. You can open new accounts and switch your accounts to display as tiles or in a list. Selecting the List view also includes group totals for each of the available categories. On the right, you’ll find a variety of convenient links. You can make a Quick Transfer, create alerts, view recent eNotices, and view your recent statements. By default, Recent Transactions displays the last 2 transactions for your primary favorite account. Selecting a transaction displays its details. You can view the transactions for another account Or select View All to open the account details page for the selected account. Scheduled Transfers displays the next 2 transfers scheduled to execute in the near future. Selecting the amount displays its details. View All opens the Transfers screen where you can view a list of all your scheduled transfers. Finally, Services offer convenient links that you might find helpful.

Account Details
You can view the details of an account by selecting Accounts then selecting an account from your list. From the Account Details page, you’ll find in-depth information for the selected account, which will vary depending on the type of account that’s selected. Typically, asset accounts such as Checking and Savings, display its balance information, a series of related actions you can take, and the accounts transaction history, including any transactions that are still pending. Selecting a transaction displays its details. And if the transaction includes a check icon you can view the front and back of the item (if available). To search for a specific transaction simply enter the criteria you’re looking for. For example, a specific time period, check number, description, or amount. Then search to filter your list. Depending on the type of account actions may include transferring money, including transfers to other members. viewing account Info, exporting transactions to your desktop, Check Reorders, And More. To view the details for another account simply select it from the list.

Transfers is where you control the movement of money. You can create instant transfers including authorized transfers to other members. You can schedule them in the future and if you’d like make them recurring. Under Services you’ll have the option of requesting ACH transfers both incoming and outgoing. And if needed you can request a transfer be stopped. Below you’ll find your scheduled transfers. To create a new transfer simply select the account you want the money taken from and the account you want the money moved t, then enter the amount. Selecting today’s date will transfer the money in real-time. Selecting a date in the future schedules it for the selected date. If you’d like your transfer to repeat on a regular basis, simply enter the frequency. Update the first transfer date and enter the number of transfers to execute. When ready, review your transfer. If everything looks correct, make your transfer. That’s it. If your transfer is immediate the funds are moved in real-time. If it’s recurring or scheduled for a future date it’s added to your list and the funds will be transferred on the selected date. Scheduled transfers can be edited or deleted at any time.

Pay Bills
Selecting the bill pay service opens your payment center. Where you can add both companies and people. Then quickly make payments. Even schedule bills to be paid automatically. And with Zelle, our personal payment service, you can securely send money to another person using just their email address, or mobile phone number. Learn More About Bill Pay

Settings is where you manage your personal information. Such as your Profile, Security and Alerts, Account settings, and the mobile devices you use. Selecting Profile lets you update your username and Password, your mailing address, phone number, and email. As well as your language preference, and time zone. Selecting Security and Alerts, lets you manage the security questions used to verify your identity, the alerts you use for monitoring your accounts, and any travel plans you’d like to notify us about. Accounts is where you manage your account preferences, such as nicknames, and which accounts appear as favorites. It’s also where you request access to other member’s accounts. And finally, Mobile Banking, lets you manage which mobile devices are authorized to access your information, along with which services and apps associated with them. To make a change, just select the category and the setting you’d like to change. Then update the information.