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Bill Payments

Bill Pay® Bill Payment

Use the Bill Payment function to schedule payments to merchants, review and change scheduled payments, and review payment history. Bill Payment offers an alternative to the traditional method of paying bills. Instead of writing a check and mailing the payment to the merchant, you can schedule all your payments through Virtual Branch®. You can schedule payments to be made on certain dates. Bill Payment provides a confirmation number for every payment and keeps track of your payment history. These features make Bill Payment an excellent record keeper.

Paying bills essentially involves three steps:

  • Set up your personal list of merchants. To pay bills, the merchant(s) you want to pay must be in your personal merchant list with all account numbers you have with each merchant.
  • Set up a payment.
  • Change or cancel your payment information as necessary.

Bill Payment uses one of the following methods to pay your bill:

Electronic payment to merchants on the electronic network. When this method is used, you receive a recommendation to set up your payment at least two business days before the due date.

Check payment to merchants who do not receive electronic payments. When this method is used, you receive a recommendation to set up your payment at least five business days before the due date.

The processing times provided above are recommendations only. Virtual Branch® cannot control or guarantee the timely processing of payments once they are received by the merchant. Posting of the payment is the responsibility of the merchant.

If you fail to provide the correct merchant and account information, your payments may not be successfully completed.

Payments are processed Monday through Friday with the exception of federal holidays. Payment processing begins at 2PM EST each day. You cannot schedule, change, or delete a payment to occur on that day after processing begins.

Bill Payment supports the following types of payments:

  • One-time payment: The payment takes place on the date you specify.
  • Automatic payment: Payments occur starting on the date and as many times as you specify for up to 10 years.

Payments that are set up for future dates are called scheduled payments. These payments include one-time payments and automatic payments. The first payment date may be no more than 18 months in the future. Payments are processed on the scheduled date. Payments scheduled for non-business dates (such as January 1 or weekends) are processed on the next business day for one-time payments and on the previous business day for automatic payments.

The Scheduled Payments feature allows you to review your scheduled payments (one-time and automatic) and change or delete a selected payment before the payment occurs. You may change payment information depending on the type of scheduled payment:

  • One-time payment: You can change the amount and date of the payment and the financial account from which the payment is to be made.
  • Automatic payment: You can change the amount, next payment date, number of payments, frequency of payments, and the financial account from which the payments are to be made. The changes affect all future payments.

The Payment History feature lets you find and review past payments for the last 18 months by specifying the payment details. You have several ways to select which payment(s) you want to review. If you do not specify any criteria, all available payment history will be presented. If you specify:

  • Merchant name: You will receive all payment history for that merchant.
  • Payment dates: You will receive payment history from the start date to the end date specified.
  • Payment amount: You will receive all payment history within plus or minus $10 of the specified amount.

If you want to direct the search to a more restricted list of past payments, you may specify any combination of the payment details listed above.

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