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Competitive mortgage financing through OwnersChoice Funding.


VCCFCU is pleased to refer our members to OwnersChoice Funding, a full service mortgage lender offering a variety of mortgage loans to fit your individual needs.  Looking to buy your first home? OwnersChoice professionals walk you through every step of financing your first home. Whether you’re purchasing a home or refinancing your mortgage, Ownerschoice offers you a wealth of government-sponsored lending options as well as conventional mortgages.

All mortgage loans feature:

  • a secure online application process via www.ownerschoice.com (see below for rates and to apply);
  • free pre-approvals within minutes;
  • expanded loan programs;
  • low interest rates and closing costs; and
  • expert support and assistance throughout the entire process.

If you are looking for competitive mortgage financing from a lender you can trust, apply online and an Ownerschoice Loan Officer will contact you.