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Vehicle Loan

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Are you thinking of buying a new or used car? VCCFCU offers several vehicle loans to compliment your needs.

Pre-Approved Vehicle Loans:
Apply for your new or used vehicle loan first, before you even set foot in a dealership. A pre-approved loan can save you money. You’ll get our great low interest rate and you can take advantage of any cash rebates the dealer offers. Plus, you won’t have to hassle with the dealership finance department. Just apply for the amount you are planning on spending. Then go out and shop for your new or used vehicle. When you have picked out the vehicle of your dreams, give us a call. All we’ll need is a purchase agreement and we can mail or wire the money right away.

New Vehicle Loan:
We will finance up to 100% of the purchase price, including tax and tags, with terms up to 72 months.

Used Vehicle Loan:
We will finance up to 100% of the value price on cars less than 4 years old, with terms up to 48 months. Loans for used vehicles that are over 4 years old need to be collateralized with co-signers.

Be an Informed Consumer

VCCFCU uses NADA guides for car values. This site offers pricing and reports to help you determine the value of your car, or a car that peaks your interest.

Current Rates
Regular Shares 0.30%
Youth Shares 3.03%
Share Draft 0.25%

Share Secured 6.50%
Any Purpose 12 mo 5.99%
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