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The VISA Classic

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The VISA Classic is an ideal first card because of it’s simplicity, flexibility, and worldwide recognition. These days, you need a low rate payment card for everything from securing hotel reservations to purchasing airline tickets online. Whether you’re a student, a young couple, or someone trying to establish credit, apply now for the convenience of owning our VISA Classic credit card.

  • 9.90% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  • 16.90% Delinquency Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  • Credit lines from $500 – $15,000
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Minimum Finance Charge
  • Access your account via EzCardInfo.com

The Visa Secured
The Visa Secured card is ideal for members with bad credit or no credit history. This credit card has all of the advantages of the Visa Classic card and is secured by the funds pledged in your share account.

Visa Credit Card Customer Service: 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Visa Scorecard Customer Service: Mon-Fri. 9am to 11pm Est.

Current Rates
Regular Shares 0.30%
Youth Shares 3.03%
Share Draft 0.25%

Share Secured 6.50%
Any Purpose 12 mo 5.99%
Debt Consolidation