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Security Awareness Memo – Spoofed Online Banking Website


VCCFCU was made aware today of a fictitious website attempting to gain our member’s online banking information by means of Phishing.

Phishing occurs when a scammer uses fraudulent emails or texts, or copycat websites to get you to share valuable personal information – such as account numbers, Social Security numbers, or your login IDs and passwords. Scammers use your information to steal your money, or your identity, or both.

Though our website  www.vccfcu.com and our secured home banking service were not breached, we felt strongly that our membership be warned of these phishing and spoofing  emails so that members do not fall for such identity theft attempts. We strongly advise online banking users to change their login ID if they are still using their social. Your chosen Logon ID cannot contain your member number, Social Security Number or email address. We also ask that members update their security codes and security questions periodically as a precaution.

Protect yourself from Phishing by taking these precautions:

  • Be suspicious of any unsolicited email requesting personal information.
  • Avoid filling out forms in email messages that ask for personal information.
  • Always compare the link in the email to the link that you are actually directed to.
  • Log on to the official website, instead of “linking” to it from an unsolicited email.
  • Contact the actual business that supposedly sent the email to verify if the email is genuine.
  • Please click on the Security Awareness Memo – Phishing Examples

Lastly, always remember that our website is www.vccfcu.com and that before you enter your online banking security code/password, there is another layer of security that shows the passphrase you select ed when you first set up your account.  If you do not see this passphrase on the website when logging in, DO NOT enter your password and contact us immediately by calling 718-549-5858.

Please rest assured that VCCFCU is constantly working to keep your information secure.



Mirela Alexe

Mirela Alexe


Last updated on: March 19, 2019